About North West 500 Motorhome Hire

We are a small local company set up in 2017 and located in the Scottish highlands in Alness twenty minutes drive north of the capital Inverness, our mission is to give our customers a memorable experience whereby they can visit and tour the highlands via the North coast 500 or their own chosen destinations without the need for a long drive in order to reach the Scottish highlands. We are available to our customers day and night if they happen to have any queries or are just looking for advice; we have also travelled virtually all of the Scottish highlands. Building on our own experiences and our customer feedback, we understand the appeal of travelling independently at your own pace without relying on hotels or B&B’s, but also recognise that buying a motorhome is not for everyone or maybe just try before buy, we will do our best to ensure you will enjoy your time in the Scottish highlands.

Our service

Motorhome hire in Scotland for the adventure seeking people who want to visit the off the beaten track treasures of Scotland or just tour and enjoy the scenery from your own home on wheels. We have private parking for hirers who are planning to drive to our location whilst they are on tour. Alternatively we are able to collect hirers who travel to Inverness by bus, rail or fly from Inverness bus / rail station or from Inverness airport. E-mail us info@nw500.co.uk with your requested dates for a quotation or call 07787741767